DWEEB Imaginary Girlfriend Volume 3

The homie Marc McFly did some amazing photo work in the latest installment of our Imaginary Girlfriend series.

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15 Nov 2014

Seasonal Sale

The new site is finished, the new collection is finished and so are the accompanying visuals, buuuuuuut, before we put that stuff up on the site, we are trying to clear out some of the leftover merch from the 2014 Spring and Summer collections.  So head on over to the web shop and check it out; everything is priced to move!  Tees are only $9.99!

Seasonal Sale - FB and Twitter

29 Jan 2014

DWEEB Imaginary Girlfriend Volume 3

The homie Marc McFly did some amazing photo work in the latest installment of our Imaginary Girlfriend series.  Here are some of our favorite shots and you can peep the full collection of images HERE!


29 Jan 2014

Concept to Completion

It would appear that things have been pretty dormant around here since June.  And even though that is what the blog post count indicates, trust we’ve been working.  We had big plans for the fall, and due to some complications with our first supplier those plans were shelved indefinitely.  Then we thought things would be in order for a holiday ’13 release, and we were on the right track, but (as you probably know) ran into a few more complications.  Here we are, a month into the new year and the newness is still merely impending…well, we promise you that the wait will be worth it…and here’s why…

This time around, instead of going the usual route of preparing some artwork, selecting some blanks and sending it all to the print/embroidery shop, we opted to go the cut-and-sew route.  We selected the fabric, the color, the cut, the measurements and the embellishment options.  The lead time was a bit longer than we’ve managed before, but we are quite pleased with the results.  The whole process started with some veeeeery rough sketches (those have been omitted from this post…you’re welcome).  Then we moved on to the actual garment illustration.


After we worked out the details on the illustration, it was time to take some measurements then we picked some colors.


After we picked the colors, we approved a final mock-up and we let the production specialists do their thing!  Once they finished, we were presented with a final sample to give the thumbs up or down.


And this process was repeated for each item that will be presented to you all shortly.  We hope you’re as stoked as we are!

29 Jan 2014

Same Game, New Name


So we’re sure a lot of you noticed lots of “DWEEB” labeled gear popping up over the last year or so.  We received numerous e-mails and tips via social media about how people were so stoked to see us in stores…the thing is, we weren’t.  After consulting with our counsel, we were informed that we actually didn’t have the right to register “DWEEB” as a trademark (much like Supreme and their box logo) since “Dweeb” is a real word.  That being the case, we made the decision to a bit of re-branding.  Sooooo, without further adieu, we like to present “The DWEEB Lifestyle Company.”  We still DON’T WANNA EVER END-UP BROKE…we’re just growing up a bit, or at least trying to…much like ditching that nickname you earned in college and using your government name when you update your resume.

18 Jun 2013

New Music

It’s cool to know such talented people.  Here are two new vids from some dope kids dudes we know.  First up is Max Mega Fullard from Rebel-E with “Trill”!  Vee Aye stand up!

Next up we have FUGITIVE 9 (Cuda Brown, Whyze Oner, and Cosmo TX) with “My Own Private Idaho (’85 KEEP IT LIVE)”. True story, the first time I heard Cosmo TX on the track, I couldn’t believe it was him…the beard wasn’t as gnarly when we first me. But I digress, the track is hot! Peep the visuals.


6 Jun 2013

Marc McFly – L O S T

The homie Marc McFly has been quietly putting in work on something major.  This project is a follow-up of sorts to the collaboration between Marc and producer/director Tu Do titled “Gone”.  I would assume that Marc will be making an appearance in this film, but I do KNOW that he produced the score for the film, which should be amazing!  Peep the trailer teaser….

#wheresdoc? NYC

Doc’s been sighted on the subway in NYC.  Someone said he was on the D train…I wonder where he was headed.

13 May 2013

The Boom Bap Theory – Illien Rosewell

I’m not quite sure when Rosewell got his start, but I’ve been a fan since I was put on to No Regard a few years back.  Those dudes (Illien, Sharif, and Harley) made dope music together, but apart you get to hear how different, yet still dope they all are…but I digress.  Illien’s got a new beat tape project that he’s been working on, and it’s definitely worth a listen.

The mix is titled “The Boom Bap Theory”.  It’s all instrumental, save for one track, and I’m loving the feel/sound of it.  It’s quite refreshing to hear someone use some dope, soulful samples.  Don’t get me wrong, I love EDM, dubstep, and other synth-heavy stuff more than I probably let on, but it’s nice to hear some real hip-hop beats.

The project is currently available for DOWNLOAD HERE, but if you purchase it now, you’ll get an actual pressed copy of the CD (that’s compact disc for you young folks).  Ill, if you’re reading this…solid work on this dude!